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Heidi Michelle 

Since I was a child, I have been inspired by an urge to create.  I eagerly studied drawing, painting, illustration, textiles, and pottery. After receiving my degree in interior design, working as a designer,  and taking a long hiatus to raise my family, I excitedly jumped back into the world of art and began playing with watercolor and acrylic paints. After taking many, many classes I became confident that I found my favorite mediums! Now, I use bright color and the fluid quality of these water-based paints to convey the devotion I feel for my surroundings and all things that grow and bloom. I’ve always been crazy about flowers and surround myself with them in any way I can.  It’s thrilling and fulfilling to use color and paint to express my flower-love! When I create my paintings I'm able to explore

the intricacies of plants and nature, and to capture my subjects in a unique and personal way. I paint from life, from my memories, and from my imagination! I also have a lot of fun painting quirky animals, and always begin by painting their eyes to create an expressive and unique character. I want to inspire others through my colorful paintings and to share the beauty and happiness I feel when I am busy creating in my studio.

I also enjoy teaching watercolor to first-time or beginning painters. It’s very rewarding for me to share in the excitement of a new painter when they create!  I live, paint, and teach watercolor classes and workshops in Santa Cruz county. 

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